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BÜMK Klasik Müzik Korosu - TEDxRobertCollege Teaser
video: BÜMK Klasik Müzik Korosu - TEDxRobertCollege Teaser

TEDx TEDx was created in The Spirit of TED's mission, "ideas worth spreading." The program is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals The opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at The local level. BUMC C...  more().style.display='';$(this).getParent().style.display='none';">less

Vox Grata Women's Choir
group: Vox Grata Women's Choir

Vox Grata Women's Choir is compRised of joyful women who, out of gratitude for The fullness of Their own lives, possess a desire to sing togeTher for The benefit of oThers. The group performs repertoire that expresses a uniquely feminine Spirit, especial...  more().style.display='';$(this).getParent().style.display='none';">less

blog: Around The world in song - singing weekend in The Cotswolds 25-27 July

My singing weekend in The Cotswolds is shaping up to be a small (but perfectly formed) group of women Coming togeTher to sing amazing harmony songs from around The world. A great chance to do some small group work and really get to grips with those harmon...

Kothbiro (The rain is coming) - Ayub Ogada arr. Allison Girvan
video: Kothbiro (The rain is Coming) - Ayub Ogada arr. Allison Girvan

University of Pretoria Youth Choir (aged 14 - 19) Conducted by Lhente-Mari Pitout - 17 September 2016 - MUsaion Theater, University of Pretoria

Cantu Spiritus Chamber Choir
group: Cantu SpiritUs Chamber Choir

Cantu SpiritUs means "singing Spirit" in Latin. We are a select group of choristers from The Santa Fe, NM area. Our repertoire includes chamber works from The late Medieval to The Modern Era with emphasis on The polyphonic works of The Renaissan...  more

Leve Kanpe by Sydney Guillaume - Biddeford High School Singers
video: Leve Kanpe by Sydney Guillaume - Biddeford High School Singers

Biddeford High School Singers || Christopher N. Ferrell, conductor || World Premiere May 9, 2019 || for sheet mUsic, go to: - - -

Everytime I feel the spirit, Negro spiritual, arr. Bob Chilcott. Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife
video: Everytime I feel The Spirit, Negro Spiritual, arr. Bob Chilcott. Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife

Coral Reyes Bartlet David Martel, piano José Híjar Polo, director Concierto Extraordinario Fiestas de Julio Iglesia de la Peña de Francia, Puerto de la Cruz 1 de julio de 2015 Imagen y sonido: Mediawink

I Have Seen the Light
video: I Have Seen The Light

Brethren wishes all of you a wonderful first week of 2011 as we celebrate The Coming of The Magi with this rendition of Chris Machen's, "I Have Seen The Light". May this year be filled with many new blessings and opportunities!

blog: Target The Top: See The best women's barbershop singing in The UK and The NeTherlands! 09-11 May 2014

    RAZZMATAZZ IS Coming!   Spectacular performances of barbershop singing as all-women chorUses and quartets from all over The UK and NeTherlands compete to go to The World Championships in The UsA!   Up to 1,500 women are com...

blog: HARMONIE FESTIVAL 2017 - international choral and folklore competitions in Germany

HARMONIE FESTIVAL 2017May 25 to 28, 2017Limburg-LindenholzhaUsen (Germany) Dear friends of choral mUsic and folklore,   from May 25 to 28, 2017, choirs and folklore groups with thoUsands of participants from throughout The world will be Coming...