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Ethan McGrath: 'The Passionate Shepherd to His Love'
video: Ethan McGrath: 'The Passionate Shepherd to His LOVE'

The premiere performance OF composer Ethan McGrath's "The Passionate Shepherd to His LOVE" -- a setting OF the famed poem by Christopher Marlowe. Ethan McGrath assembled the choir specially for this performance. Kelsi Williams and Joshua Farnsworth, vo...  more

Let My Love Be Heard - Jake Runestad
video: Let My LOVE Be Heard - Jake Runestad

"Let My LOVE Be Heard" by Jake Runestad. Performed by the Bob Cole Conservatory Chamber Choir. Dr. Jonathan Talberg, conductor. Presented in memory OF Nohemi Gonzalez. Full story:

blog: LOVE to return to the the stronghold OF Austrian music, Salzburg in 2019

Salzburg, as Mozart’s hometown, is traditionally famous for its musical festivals and vivid cultural life during the whole year. Meet there again through choral music! Beyond the LOVE OF music, Salzburg is renowned for its geographical surroundings...

Te Quiero(I Love You)我愛你 - Alberto Favero
video: Te Quiero(I LOVE You)我愛你 - Alberto Favero

此曲原由阿根廷的流行音樂作曲家法飛洛(A. Favero),根據烏拉圭著名詩人班奈戴提(M. Benedetti)所寫的情詩而作,由康吉安諾(L. Cangiano)改編寫成無伴奏混聲合唱曲,以厚實多變的和聲表現歌詞中深情呼喚至愛的誠摯情感。 我愛你,你是我的至愛,我的密友,我的一切。 當我們手挽著手走過每一條路, 我們就像同一個人一樣的心靈契合; 當你的眼睛凝望著我,整天的鬱悶都將一掃而空。 我愛你,你的身影是我向未來前進的力量。 你的手撫慰了我的心,我每天的思緒, 讓世界上的一切都能...  more

Five Hebrew Love Songs -Whitacre - ECU Singers
video: Five Hebrew LOVE Songs -Whitacre - ECU Singers

The ECU Singers performing the Five Hebrew LOVE Songs by Eric Whitacre. Dr. J. Steven Walker, conducting Dr. Starla Hibler, piano Dr. Lauren Cox, clarinet Chris Mayhue, tambourine This performance was recorded during the East Central Univ...  more

Make You Feel My Love Cool Choir
video: Make You Feel My LOVE Cool Choir

Cool Choir Performs 'Make you Feel My LOVE' (based on the Adele version) by Bob Dylan at the Bella Concert Hall, Calgary Visit for more information Twitter @coolchoir

blog: Singing in a choir – balancing individual freedom with the demands OF the team

[A version OF this article first appeared as a post on my blog From the Front OF the Choir]   Those OF us who LOVE to sing OFten LOVE to sing at the top OF our voices. It’s joyous!   photo by William P. Gottlieb But when you&r...

When I fall in love
video: When I fall in LOVE

Gruppo Vocale OTTAVAGIUSTA 8° Festival della Coralità Veneta Venezia 25-26 October 2014

Ov'é, lass', il bel viso by Morten Lauridsen
video: Ov'é, lass', il bel viso by Morten Lauridsen

Ov'é, lass', il bel viso -- No. 1 from Madrigali: Six FIRE Songs by Morten Lauridsen. Performed by the TUKS Camerata (University OF Pretoria, South Africa), conducted by Walter Butt

Can't Help Falling in Love - Θαμυριάδες - Thamyriades vocal_ensemble
video: Can't Help Falling in LOVE - Θαμυριάδες - Thamyriades vocal_ensemble

Can't Help Falling in LOVE (George David Weiss/Hugo Peretti/Luigi Creatore) Θαμυριάδες - Thamyriades vocal_ensemble Τελλόγλειο Ίδρυμα Τεχνών Α.Π.Θ. 1ο Φεστιβάλ Χορωδιών 4 Μαϊου 2014 e-mail: