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New choir composition for free

  • I have composed a choral piece on a poem by an M.E. patient. She is an Irish resident (Corina Duyn, you might want to google her for more information) and is suffering from this horrible disease for quite some years now. As an artist, she writes poems, makes shadow puppetry and puppets and more artistic things.
    I have made an (folk/rock) album on many of her poems, which will be released soon, and also this choral piece: Invisible Octopus. In this poem (and many others) she shares her observations while living with M.E.

    Anyway, if/when interested I will send you the composition in PDF format and as an MP3 or Midi file.
    I have tried to put the emotions of the words in the music and hope you like it off course.

    I don’t ask anything in return for this, but would just like to know if you will put this on your repertoire and if yes, when it will be performed.

    For more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

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