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What motivates you to turn up to choir week after week?

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    You can tell winter is on its way because it’s dark and cold when I set off for choir each week.


    photo by Todd Shaffer


    It would be much easier to stay at home in front of the fire, so what motivates you to wrap up warm, leave the house and brave the cold to get to choir?

    Some time ago I gave an interview to Total Choir Resources. One of the questions was: “What keeps you motivated?”

    I like to sing, but mostly I love to hear the amazing harmonies that the choir make as a group. No matter how tired I am or how reluctant I am to leave the house, my spirits are always lifted — without fail — when the singing starts. I leave more energised and uplifted than when I arrived.

    But that is still not be enough on its own to get me to choir each week.

    My answer to the question was: commitment and responsibility.

    I have made a professional commitment to turn up each week to run the choir. I am responsible for leading the singers each week, so I need to be there. And it’s not just about the money!

    The same applies to the singers in the choir. You have a commitment to be there for the other choir members and a responsibility to turn up knowing your part and contributing fully.

    It’s no good thinking that you won’t be missed. If everyone thought that, there would be no choir! See You are the most important singer in your choir.

    It’s also no good if you turn up, but don’t participate fully. See How to be a good choir member.

    What motivates YOU to turn up to choir week after week? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    And if you’re in the southern hemisphere, there are just as many good reasons not to turn up to choir each week in the summer: the beach, light evenings, gardening – so you can answer too!




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