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The Greatest Gospel Choir Event of 2020 - "MakeAmerica Love Again"

  • Spike Lee said “Make America Love Again”. Welcome to the greatest Gospel Project of the century so far, supported by Stevie Wonder. This will be the anthem for 2020! YOU CAN HEAL THE SOUL OF AMERICA using your voice and your spirit. America has suffered and is suffering these days. We want change and we believe this can come about through changing hearts that have hardened to the suffering all around us.

    ALL YOU HAVE TO DO if you are a choir member or choir leader is sing this song “MAKE AMERICA LOVE AGAIN”. Record it, video it and send it to us.

    We will have more than 1000 CHOIRS singing this song throughout the USA, the UK and the rest of the world. The message will be strong, loud and dignified. It must be adopted as the campaign song. In 2020 the song must be the new American anthem. Please be part of this great movement. This is the moment where we can all make a difference.

    If you believe in our project, if you believe that a song can change the world join the 1000 CHOIRS campaign. Once you have signed up then you can download the piano sheet music or the piano backing track.

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