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Bach four-voiced chorales (389) with texts and highly-crafted electronic performances posted.

  • Hello everyone,


    I have created a website that contains the 389 Bach 4-voice chorales (Chorale Gesänge) in the Richter/Kalmus collection (also published by Breitkopf as edition 'nr. 3765'). The scores can be played back and/or downloaded (absolutely free/non-commercial). It took me 2 years (pro Deo) to finish it and achieve its current state. The site is completely safe, free of tracking, cookies or whatever and I have my own player.


    Please have a look and judge for yourself and see if it is worth informing your friends, acquaintances or students of Bach or counterpoint (I recall that Bach started teaching his students with writing convincing chorales) and last but not least: don't forget to use it yourself and/or for your choir!


    Of course, when it comes to playback, it is not as good as the real thing, a real performance, but for study and comparison it can be quite useful, I think, but you can judge for yourself. Here it is:


    For playback, do me and yourself and Bach a favor and use good headphones. That gives the best result.


    It may also be good to know that one can very easily email a recording (mp3), for example, to all the basses of a choir. If one downloads ( ) and then opens the score in Musescore (after having installed it), one can very easily add a separate staff and then copy paste the notes to it, make a part of it and then export a score/mp3.  Individual voice parts can be made the same way. That way it is very easy to learn a vocal part quickly, even when it is difficult, and also it will set rock solid in the memory of the singer. This is especially good for amateur choirs.


    You may also be interested in my other choral sites, with easier 'chorales' than the ones from Bach, that is, more modern hymns (also in SATB setting). They are mainly meant to be sung acapella or with an organ, which may perform a simple prelude to the choir setting. 


    Here are the URLs of these collections:


    Spiritual songs (Dutch 4 part congregational acapella songs I grew up with) was the first of these websites; I then moved on to the Bach chorales, and finally,, with the Other tab its most recent addition.


    I hope you enjoy and use these resources.



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