World Choir Games Flanders 2020

I NEED MEN (and ladies) to complete my research survey.

  • Hi.

    I am carrying out research into the vocal health habits and experiences of amateur singers as part of a Post Graduate certificate with the Voice Workshop, in conjunction with the University of Wales.

    Please could all of you lovely people who sing regularly take 5 minutes to complete my survey? I will be eternally grateful! At the moment only 19% of respondents are male, so I could do with a few more chaps taking part. Also non-choir singers, such as amateur bands.

    Please note the survey is completely anonymous, for adults only, will only be live for six weeks, until 11/08/19, and you can only take it once.

    Finally, please share this far and wide, as the more people who take the survey, the more representative the findings will be.

    Any questions or queries, just ask.

    Thank you so much!


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