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MEN ALOUD! in Brisbane. Join a choir program for men and boys of all ages!

  • Play It Forward invites men & boys of all ages to join our Queensland season of MEN ALOUD!


    Award winning singer and conductor of the ABC TV smash hit, Choir of Hard Knocks, Jonathon Welch AM, invites you to join an exciting choir program for men and boys of all ages

    MEN ALOUD! is a program of Play It Forward, presenting inclusive arts programs for all Australians, and was founded by Jonathon Welch AM to help create an encouraging and safe space where men and boys could come together to explore their singing voices, help build positive mental health & physical well-being and develop supportive friendships through music.

    Sundays between 3 to 5pm

    Tattersalls Club 215 Queen Street Brisbane

    16 May, 13 June, 11 July and 8 August

    Registration Fee $70 to cover the costs of rehearsals

    Membership Fee: $40 per season to cover costs of admin, insurance, music and other operating costs

    If you do not have a MEN ALOUD! T-shirt, there will be an additional cost of $20 to order.

    There are plans for performances later in the year (TBC)

    For enquiries, email or call Sarah on 0413 804 566

    Register now at

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