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Requiem Mass by Antonio Gallego (c.1530) Composer Recently discovered (SATB)

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    Dear friends,


    We would like to present the world’s first publication of  Misa de requiem (requiem mass) by the Spanish composer Antonio Gallego (c.1530).


    Antonio Gallego was a Spanish Renaissance composer whose existence has been totally unknown up to the present day. His Pro-Defunctis Mass has recently been discovered by the Spanish musicologist and ancient music researcher Virginia Florentín in a hidden manuscript of Valladolid’s Cathedral (Spain). 


    No choir in the world has sung this Mass up to the present date.

    This publication also contains a preliminary study with a complete explanation about the work, archive of Valladolid Cathedral, manuscript volume 5 page 59v. 

    1. Requiem Mass by Antonio Gallego (c.1530) Recently discovered (SATB) (Also contains preliminary study) Available in digital edition PDF files    

    Contact me for more information:


    With best wishes.


    Antonio Ruiz Asumendi (Director of Fidelio)

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