Enemigo Coral: the choir and the Enemy of the People

  • Enemigo Coral is a play with chorus created and directed by Giovanna Caruso, based on Henrik Ibsen's classic An Enemy of the People. In this scenic creation, the choir of 14 people -including members of the Vocal Ensemble Tomas Luis de Victoria- is a fundamental aesthetic element, which is properly integrated into the performance of the acting cast, formed by Juan Pablo Rosales, Isidora Gazmuri, Rodrigo Gallardo, Fernanda Cueto and Leonora Hidalgo.


    The choir participates in this play in different ways. In the scene of the protagonist's birthday, he is a collective character: the mountain people of Monteverde -the place where history is situated-. As a group of neighbors and friends who support the doctor, the choir sings and plays instruments in this celebration, providing diegetic music, and then transforming into individual extras, once the music ceases.


    In the scene of the popular meeting-meeting convened by the doctor to communicate the presence of arsenic in the waters of the town's hot springs-the choir takes its place in the seats, standing between the audience to integrate it. During the course of the scene, its members play the role of extra actors, until the moment when, driven by anger, they rise to face the doctor, singing a Gregorian Dies Irae, accompanied by drum sound.


    The anger of the people manifested by the Latin song that evokes hell overlaps with the cries of the doctor, who at that point has lost patience, deciding to stop being the town doctor. All this will lead to the climax scene of the play.


    The audience considered that both in terms of aesthetics and entertainment, the choir was a contribution to this work of theater and music. It was also valued the inclusion of music from different periods and the level of commitment of the choral and acting cast.

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