World of Choirs Festival


    World of Choirs 29 April – 02 May 2018 – Pesaro, Italy 

    Pesaro .. the idyllic location of tranquility for our Festival World of Choirs!

    The atmosphere of an unforgetable holiday in the famous Italian city of Pesaro is unique and fabulous ... luxurious palaces and parks, a gentle sea, museums and an unforgettable opera ... this city will take you with its charms and will not let go! Pesaro is the birthplace of the famous composer Rossini, the city of arts, music and opera.
    Pesaro has a unique charm - in the homeland of the famous composer G. Rossini you can feel a surge of creative thought and inspiration for new achievements.

    Pesaro is also beautiful from the geographical point of view - even in the hottest days here you can feel a light cool breeze, and the beauty of its coast is ideally complemented by an old quay against the backdrop of green hills.

    This summer, you will have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beauties of Pesaro and at the same time to perform on an international stage with participants from all over the world!

    This contest is not just for experienced choirs  but also those for which participation in a contest of such scale will become a new step and motivation for developing of their talents. It perfectly suits every choir of every level. 

    This year you will be both judged and inspired by our expert panel including the well-known Italian chorus master SIMONE BAIOCCHI will give a Master class offers "Venetian Carnival" by composer Rossini. This year the town celebrates 150 years since the death of Rossini

    In 2018 UNESCO declared the city of Pesaro - "The City of Music" 

    Come with us to Pesaro and join us in a celebration of music and song!!

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