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International Art Meeting ‘Together in the 21st Century’: Bulgaria, 15-30.07.2018

  • It's not the festival like big, competition-oriented festivals are. International Art Meeting ‘Together in the 21st Century’ invites choral, theatre and dance groups, vocal ensembles and soloists, beginner artists and photographer-artists, amateur song writers, and also young poets from Bulgaria and from near and far foreign countries, to rest at the beautiful and calm Bulgarian seaside, make new friends, perform music and other arts on very good level and taste life in wonderful surroundings.


    The following entities can participate in the Festival:

    • CHOIRS: child, teen, youth, professional, folk, veteran, school, student, amateur choirs. Number of performers: at least 16 people in choirs, from 2 to 16 people in ensembles. In youth choirs young people aged 16-28 years are allowed to participate.
    • SOLOISTS (vocal): classical, folk music, jazz, pop singing, patriotic and original song (specify the presence of concertmaster. It is permitted to use accompaniment phonogram minus leading voice, with back-vocals).
    • DANCE ENSEMBLES: classical ballet, folk dances (the presence of accompanying instrumental group is permitted), pop and ballet dance, contemporary dance, pantomime and modern dance. SOLOISTS (and duets) in all above-listed categories.
    • INSTRUMENTALISTS (ensembles and soloist) No restrictions (specify the presence of concertmaster).
    • THEATRE GROUPS: drama, music, мodern, original song, original genre, etc.
    • ARTISTS, PHOTOGRAPHERS (for exhibitions both originals and their copies or photocopies shall be accepted)


    • Days of participating countries with the study of their creativity and traditions;
    • Concerts in Kamchia, at prestigious venues and in the Cathedral of the City of Varna;
    • Rest at the sea, on great sand, flat beach (you can go 50m towards the sea in the water)
    • Rest in swimming pools, space simulators, games and sports, health-improving procedures.
    • Group, individual master classes on the exchange of repertoire (rehearsal technique, concert practice);
    • Work in the workshop choir and in common dance numbers;
    • Creative workshops, lectures, round tables of choirmasters, choreographers, teachers, writers;
    • Competition of soloists (vocalists and instrumentalists), including "Stars of Kamchia" competition hold under the sign of UNESCO
    • Exhibition of paintings, photographs and products of folk art 
    • Entertainment programs for children and adults, sauna, bowling;

    For organizing excursions in Varna, Nessebar, Sozopol, other cities on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, as well as boat trips on the river Kamchia - for an additional fee. It is necessary to inform in advance!


    • choral competition
    • "Stars of Kamchia" contest under the sign of UNESCO
    • vocal competition to commemorate Biser Kirov

    For detailed competition conditions please see the festival site


    Children up to age of 3 years - free of charge
    EUR 15 per day  for children from 4 to 7 years
    EUR 30 per day  for children from 8 to 18 years
    EUR 35 per adult (from 18 years up).
    EUR 25 per senior (on the basis of any valid retirement document)

    The value of the amount paid includes:

    • accommodation in comfortable rooms for 3 to 4 individuals (for directors – double room);
    • three meals in a restaurant (full board);
    • swimming pool and training hall in Longoz Hotel
    • playgrounds;
    • emergency medical care, if necessary.
    • visit in Slavic Center

    Registration fee for groups - EUR 30 per every festival participant, as part of the payment described above.

    Registration fee for young vocalists competition - 30EUR.

    Organising Committee:

    Sustainable Development of Bulgaria Foundation (Фонд „Устойчивое развитие Болгарии“)

    Tel/fax: + 359-2- 8581928


    Accomodation and payments: Todor Todorov +359 893531986 , sokkamchia _ prodajbi @ abv . bg


    Ekterina Christova +359-2-8581928, +359 893660695 ,

    Juliana Giuzelieva +359 894795908;


    Artistic questions:  Natalia Barabanscicova  +373 79 63 63 01 (viber), +373 60 55 44 34,  mordovinata 64@ mail . ru skype : mordovinata

    English speaking contact - Justyna Dziuma, +48 507 075 679 (viber, whatsapp),

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