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Treasures of Music: Armenia - new project announcement


    Treasures of Music: Armenia - new project announcement


    Project for choirs from different countries willing to participate in a CD with Armenian national music

    We announce to all choirs a very exciting project named "Treasures of music: Armenia".

    With our partners:
    - Armenian Choral Conductors' Association and
    Association of Armenians in Poland

    we want to issue a CD with Armenian national music performed by choirs from different countries.

    Maybe you konw The Sound of Europe II International Choral CD Project (2015) which included choral music from Poland, Georgia,  Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria and Hungary, that turned out to be very interesting eventfor every participating choir and a modest contribution to understanding different cultures for people who were presented this CD. "Treasures of Music" is a variation of it, however conditions of participating are similar.

    We announce a contest in which the prize is to put winning choir recordings on this CD. 

    We have already selected choirs from Armenia that will have their recordins on this CD, but we are looking for 4 choirs from outside Armenia who would like to take part in this project. 

    We are waiting for 2 recordings from every interested choir in MP3 format to the end of 2016: pieces of Armenian national music choral arrangements - please send them through dropbox, other services to exchange large files or snail mail (I will give physical address to interested choirs). Submitted materials will not be returned or used for any other purpose than the recording of the disc.

    We will take under consideration the recording quality, the level of performance and repertoire.  Winning recordings will be placed on the CD. To be in compliance with the law, we expect transfer of copyright to the relevant field of exploitation in the written form with the choir - the disks will be not for sale: neither organisers, nor choirs are supposed to sell them, only free distribution will be possible.

    We don't refund recording songs by choirs, only mastering and the whole production of the disc.
    The project will be funded by the Sponsor(s), whose name(s) will be given later.

    All selected choirs will have to pay a small fee, depending on how many disks they would like to get for their purposes, to cover part of production and shipping costs (100 euro for 50 CDs, 200 euro for 100 CDs etc). Money will be collected after final selection.


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