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  • Meet SingTrue: A New Free App To Help Perfect Your Pitch

    Have you ever had to pause in the middle of a rehearsal because one of your singers is out of tune?   Do you get frustrated when, no matter how many times you practice blending exercises and focus on listening to one another, there is still a voice which sticks out - slightly sharp or flat, and seemingly oblivious?   Have you wondered... read more
  • Practical Listening Skills for the Developing Choir

    Hi everyone,   Our latest article on, "Practical Listening Skills for the Developing Choir" explains the listening skills required by choral singers (especially at school age)   In every elementary classroom across the globe, teachers try to create a room full of good listeners. Any teacher worth their sa... read more
  • Do you practice audiation in your choir?

    We just published a new article on audiation over at, and I wanted to see if the singers and choir directors here at ChoirPlace are using these kinds of exercises in your choirs?     What is 'audiation'? There are different terms people use to refer to the skill, for example audiation, auralising, musical imaginati... read more