World Choir Games Flanders 2023

6 new scrolling choral score videos on YouTube - seeking live performances.

  • I just completed 6 new synthesized scrolling score choral music videos for my YouTube channel for which I am seeking live performances.
    The Whole World Is a Very Narrow Bridge (Kol ha’olam kulo gesher tsar me’od) - SATB - Hebrew words by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and from Isaiah 41:10 - Sung in Hebrew - moderately difficult.
    Refuge - SATB (divisi) - Words by Sara Teasdale - medium difficulty.
    Nebbie (Mists) - SATB & Piano - Words by Ada Negri - Music by Ottorino Respighi - Italian and English - the English singing translation and arrangement by my own - moderately difficult.
    I am (Do not stand at my grave and weep) - SATB - Words by Mary Elizabeth Frye - moderately easy.
    The Captain’s Daughter (On the Water) - Soprano Solo, SATB, & Piano - moderately easy.
    The City in the Sea - SATB (divisi) - Words by Edgar Allan Poe - unaccompanied version of my magnum opus; an extended version with orchestra is a work-in-progress - difficult.
    Other titles still seeking choral performances
    The Song of Ruth - SATB - Ruth 1:16–17 - medium difficulty.
    Remember - SATB - Words by Christina Rossetti - moderately difficult.
    Psalm 1 - SATB ((divisi) - the translation is my own - difficult.
    Three Miniatures (1. The Lute, 2. The Thunderbolt, 3. The Sun) - SATB - Words by Judah al Harizi, 13th century - English - the translations are my own.
    Rain - SATB - Words by Haim Gouri - Sung in English - moderately difficult.
    Choral directors, please consider programming these works to bring them to life and sending me your recordings and concert programs. Thank you.
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