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Steve Currington's Blog Entries

  • Going To Have fun with this...

    Just ordered one of these.  Can't wait to get it and wear it to my chorus rehearsal..   Should raise a laugh or two!! You can get one from: (different styles of T shirt and hoodies also available)  
  • Sounds Capital - 2014 PanPacific Barbershop Convention

          2014 PanPacific Barbershop Convention to be held in New Zealand!!Huge couple of weeks of events..  High School contests, workshops, Annual National Convention, Pan Pacific Convention, Quartets & Choruses from all over the world, Awesome Harmony College..   You name it it is all happening right by the bay in New... read more
  • Groupanizer gets an update with added services and a fresh look.

    Groupanizer  - Choir Management System & and and option website host service -  has just had a refreshing update.. Updates and new service and a rf efreshed website.check it out
  • Intense, but incredibly fun, singing education - annual Harmony University

    If you are into singing a cappella harmony and feel like doing a week of intense, but enormously fun,  musical education with hundreds of other people from all over the globe then this is the place.   The anual Harmony University.   It is on right now, so too late for the year but plan for 2014. read more
  • This is what music is about and why I sing!!

    This is what music is all about and why I sing this genre.. I just wish I could be there to experience the group singing this their chosen song!! I douibt there will be a dry eye in the house..
  • "Barbershop: A Cappella's Martial Art" - What!! Hmm Think about it..

    Here is an article that is well worth a read and definitely something to ponder!!   "Barbershop: A Cappella's Martial Art" - What!!  Hmm Think about it..   Discipline, hardwork, technique, skill, commitment to perfection, personal imporvement   As I said ..Check the article.... and Pnder!!. read more
  • Festive Season is a crazy season for the Harbour Capital Chorus

    It is the start of the festive season here in New Zealand.  Summer is here and our summer holidays will soon be upon us, but the Harbour Capital Chorus is busier than ever.   As is our tradition before Christmas, the chorus is fully involved in spreading a little Chrstmas cheer all over our city.   We have 18 carol singing ... read more
  • Choir Management Toolkit

    Have you ever wonderd if there is a good tool out there for assisting in managing the day to day running of the chorus or vocal group?   Our managment team has! We tried writing our own web based management application.  It worked pretty well but required a level of expertice to maintain that we could not guarantee.  We wanted to use... read more